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Zigbee Smart

Tuya 4 Way ZigBee Scene Switch

Tuya 4 Way ZigBee Scene Switch

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Experience the epitome of smart living with the Tuya ZigBee Wireless Scene Switch:

  • Tuya Integration: Fully cimpatible with Home Assistant via Zigbee2MQTT.

  • Tuya Integration: Connects effortlessly with your Tuya smart devices via the Tuya Smart Life App, allowing you to set up various scenes for enhanced convenience.

  • Versatile Control: Each switch button supports multiple functions, enabling you to create up to 12 scenes, from away mode to movie mode, all configurable through your smartphone.

  • Compact and Portable: Its magnetic design allows for easy attachment to walls or use as a remote control, with a slim profile of only 1.3cm thickness, making it convenient to carry anywhere in your home.

  • Enhanced Responsiveness: Zigbee speeds up device response time and provides fluid control, reducing reliance on WiFi networks for operation.

  • Easy Installation: Fix it anywhere with double-sided tape, no wiring required, and enjoy a remarkable battery life of 730 days for uninterrupted functionality.

Upgrade your smart home effortlessly with our Tuya ZigBee Wireless Scene Switch.

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