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Zigbee Smart

MmWave Human Presence Sensor

MmWave Human Presence Sensor

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Tuya Zigbee Human Presence Motion Detector Smart Human Body PIR Sensor MmWave Radar Microwave Motion Sensor Detect DC5V
Zigbee hub is also required.

- Works with Home Assistant
- Zigbee2MQTT
- Tuya Zigbee Hub



Item: Smart Human Presene Sensor

Input Voltage: DC5V / 1A

Operating Current: <70mA

Wireless Protocol: Zigbee3.0 

Stationary Detection Range: 0~ 600cm

Moving Detection Range: 0~ 1000cm

lluminance Value: 0~ 3000Lux

Operating Temperature: -10°C ~55°C

Operating Humidity: 0%~ 95% RH

Functional ZigBee Smart Human Presence Sensor

Featured as human presence,human static,human micro motion and human movement motion detection to detect the presence or absence of people in the area,even to detect the static state such as personnel sleeping accurately with mmWave Radar Detection featured.

Perceived Light Intensity for Smart&Scene Linkage

Illuminance monitor in Tuya Smart APP enables its smart feature as smart scene linkage with other smart devices,especially your house lights to ON/OFF automatically as the brightness changes;Besides,you can intelligently linkage the sensor to other smart home devices for home automation.

Advanced New Design with Multiple Settings

It supports setting the following parameters: Presence Keep Time/Indicator Status/Radar Parameters(Sensitivity and distance)/Motion False Detection.

ZigBee Hub as Control Center

Tuya ZigBee gateway is required for this ZigBee human presence sensor,performing as the center bridge for all Tuya ZigBee smart devices with extremely stable signal and a really good necessity for whole-house intelligence.(note:Tuya ZigBee hub is highly recommended for its wider compatibility than other hubs)

Package Content

1* Human presence sensor
1* 2m USB Type-C Cable
1* Double-sided tape(For Wall/Bracket Mount)

1* User manual

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