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Zigbee Smart

Energy Meter Bidirectional 80A Clamp Monitor

Energy Meter Bidirectional 80A Clamp Monitor

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Zigbee Energy Meter Bidirection 80A Clamp Monitor

Zigbee hub is also required.

- Works with Home Assistant
- Zigbee2MQTT
- Tuya Zigbee Hub


From the APP You Can Read:

Hourly Elec. (KWh)
Weekly Elec. (KWh)
Daily Elec. (KWh)
Monthly Elec. (KWh)

Current Ele(mA)
Current Power(W)
Current Voltage(V)

Please note it's not bidirectional meter, it can only measure the consumed power. and only show positive data on App.

Technical data:
Rated Voltage:100-240V AC 50/60Hz

Measurable Current Range: 0.2A-80A

Protocal: ZigBee

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